Raise Money for Anti-Hunger Organizations

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Another way to make a difference is to raise money for anti-hunger nonprofit organizations. While food drives are a great way to engage volunteers, many professional anti-hunger organizations can more effectively leverage cash donations to buy products, increase capacity to serve more people or invest in innovative ideas. These groups buy in bulk and/or obtain large-scale donations to feed far more people. When professional anti-hunger organizations purchase food, they buy more nutritious foods, and food they know low-income families need most.

Emergency food providers serve ever-growing numbers of low-income families, while at the same time face significant funding cuts from government food programs.

Keep in Mind

Nonprofit organizations need funds to continue providing vital services; however, it is extremely important that you take the following relatively easy and reasonable steps to ensure that the organization is a valid, legal, nonprofit entity and that your money will actually be used effectively by the program.

Financial gifts may be restricted—you designate how the funding should be used—or non-restricted, meaning the nonprofit or charity can use it for essential needs such as staff salaries, rent or more.

As an advantage for the cash donor, the donation is tax-deductible, as long as the recipient organization is registered as a 501(c)(3) group with the IRS. With a receipt or letter of acknowledgement from the charity, the donor can deduct the amount of the gift from their taxable income if itemizing deductions. The fair-market value of an in-kind donation (clothes, for example) is also fully tax-deductible.