Resources for Hunger Organizations

Hunger Free America is fully commited to shifting the way we view volunteerism in America. Our Strategic Volunteerism Department provides volunteer engagements that have the greatest impact on hunger and poverty. One way we do this is by creating a library of resources that make the implementation of volunteer activities smooth and organized for anti-hunger organizations. Below, we have arranged these resources into different categories.

In Moving Beyond the Food Drive Activity Guides you will find comprehensive descriptions of potential ways to engage volunteers, worksheets to keep those projects on track, and a chart that shows the size and immediacy of each activity's impact on hunger! 

In Universal Volunteer Management Forms you will find customizable forms to keep track of volunteer participation, design effective and fun volunteer orientations, and much more!

The SNAP Outreach Toolkit provides you with all of the materials and information you need to lead an engaging volunteer orientation. From age-appropriate games to SNAP facts, we've got you covered. 

Resource Library Directory

Moving Beyond the Food Drive Activity Guides
Universal Volunteer Management Forms
SNAP Outreach Toolkit

Do you have resources that have helped you in the past? Are you looking for a resource or guidance you cannot find in our library? If so, submit a resource to be added to our library by sending us an email with "Resource Submission" in the subject line or request a resource that is missing by sending us an email with "Resource Request" in the subject line: