Volunteer Better. End Hunger.

Forty-two million Americans – including 13 million American children – struggle against hunger.

The good news is that America has the power to make itself entirely hunger free. Through our Ending Hunger through Citizen Service initiative, you can help make that a reality.

Many Americans already pack food pantry bags or volunteer at soup kitchens, often on the holidays.  But seasonal and charitable work can’t end U.S. hunger. That’s why we’re making it possible for you to make an even bigger difference, and feel even more gratified, through strategic anti-hunger volunteerism.

What is strategic anti-hunger volunteerism?  Simply put, it mobilizes the unique talents and skills of each individual volunteer in order to take the biggest bite out of hunger. Through this web site and initiative, you can:

  • Help a struggling family access SNAP (food stamp) benefits.
  • Aid a small food pantry with accounting, grant writing, IT, graphic design, volunteer management, legal, or strategic planning assistance.
  • Raise funds for an anti-hunger advocacy organization.
  • Conduct community outreach to increase the number of hungry kids getting school breakfasts or summer meals.
  • Contact your elected officials to get them to raise the minimum wage or increase funding for safety net programs.

Through such strategic volunteerism activities, you can help countless more people eat. If you help a struggling family with two kids access school breakfasts, given that most schools are in session 180 days out of the year, you will have provided 360 meals to low-income kids, many of whom would have otherwise gone without breakfast. If you help just 10 families, that’s 3,600 meals going to kids who need it.

Helping in the most effective way means you get the most personal satisfaction too.  Not only that, you can also develop valuable professional skills, and build your resume.

This site will help you find the opportunities in your city or town that best match with your skills and times available. The web site can walk you through what you need to do to find the right volunteer opportunity for you, and make the biggest difference you can. If you have any questions contact us at Help@HungerVolunteer.org. Ending hunger lifts us all.