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California Bans 'Lunch Shaming' of K-12 School Children Whose Parents are Behind on Cafeteria Bills 

California joined the small group of states that ban “lunch shaming” but there is still a lot more work to be done to help child nutrition in schools.


This Alabama Restaurant Doesn't Charge Customers: 'It's a Calling For Us'

Alabama, which ranks among the highest states in food insecurity, recently created a "donation-only" restaurant which gives free food to people in need.

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Inwood Pharmacies Fill Prescriptions for Hyptertension Drugs and Fresh Vegetables From the Greenmarket

A new prescription program in Inwood provides greater access to fruit and vegetables, but Joel Berg, HFA CEO, notes that programs such as this need to be increased on a much larger scale in order to truly address hunger, malnutrition, and obesity. 

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USDA: More American Food Secure, but 11 Percent Still Insecure 

While more Americans became food secure in 2018, according to USDA, 11 percent still face food insecurity.

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City Cautions Immigrants: Don't Rush to Drop Benefits for Fear of Trump's 'Public Charge' Rule

New Yorkers are opting out of public benefits due to the new Trump Administration's Public Charge rule.

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New Rule Threatens More Immigrant Family Separations

Public News Service reports that immigration and public health advocates are condemning the new Public Charge rule that would make it more difficult for immigrant families using SNAP and other federal benefits from receiving permanent residency.

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New Rule Could Limit Legal Immigration

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New York City Council Member, Rafael Espinal, and Hunger Free America CEO, Joel Berg, discussed a new plan - issued last week by NYC Council Speaker, Corey Johnson, - to grow food equity in NYC.

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Proponen ‘receta’ para combatir el hambre de más de 1 millón de neoyorquinos

Hunger Free America's Director of Organizing, Filomena Acevedo, and Food Action Board members spoke to El Diario about our efforts to combat food insecurity in New York City. 

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Aaron Boone Gives out Free Meals, Yankees Tickets to Bronx Kids

Hunger Free America joined Yankees Manager, Aaron Boone, and the American Dairy Association Northeast to promote the Summer Food Service Program in the Bronx. 


Hunger Free America Partnered with the New York Yankees and the American Dairy Association Northeast to give out free Yankees tickets at the Summer Meals event in the Bronx's Mullaly Pool. 


News 12 covers the Summer Meals event held at Mullaly Park and hosted by the American Dairy Association Northeast, the New York Yankees, and Hunger Free America to promote participation in the program.


1010 WINS Radio joined Hunger Free America, Yankees Manager, Aaron Boon, and the American Dairy Association Northeast at the Summer Meals event in the Bronx on July 29, 2019.

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Proposed Rules Could Force 3 Million Americans to Lose Food Stamp Benefits

Proposed rules by the Trump administration to change food stamp eligibility would cause 3 million Americans to lose their benefits resulting in an increase of poverty/hunger.

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Free kids Meals Available at Blue Water Festival Family Night

Hunger Free America CEO, Joel Berg, visited the Blue Water Festival in Michigan in order to raise awareness of the under-utilization of summer meal programs,

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Hot and Hungry

Free meals are available for low-income children all summer. Why aren’t they getting them?

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Spreading the Word on Free Summer Meals for Underserved Youth

Hunger Free America CEO, Joel Berg, visited Newark, New Jersey to help grow awarenes for the free summer meals program.


Mayor Proposes to Slash Budget for Breakfast in the NY Classroom

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio proposed $24 million in cuts over six years to the Breakfast in the Classroom program in his 2020 Executive Budget. Heated reports on hunger advocates' response to this proposal and how NYC's school breakfast program compares to that of other big cities across the country.

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Trump Admin.’s Food Stamp Move Could Cost City Economy $150M

CityLimits reports on the Trump Administration's proposal to tighten work requirements for Able Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWDs), which would affect 50,000 NYC residents and result in a $150 million loss for businesses in the city.

Federal Shutdown Created Unprecedented Gap at Low-Income Dinner Tables

City Limits reports on the 2018-2019 Federal Government shutdown's impact on SNAP receipients. 

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How the shutdown opened a window on poverty in America

Last week, Congress ended the federal shutdown. While federal workers have returned to their jobs, the problems that come with economic insecurity remain top of mind for millions of poor and even middle-income Americans living on the financial edge.

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New Yorkers gather to honor MLK

On Monday January 21th, the nation pauses to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his fight for equality. Many New Yorker joined in the commemoration by holding events in his honor. Hunger Free America was one of the many that did.

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Unpaid federal workers get help from food banks during government shutdown

Food banks across the country near military bases or in cities with a lot of federal government employees have been stepping up to help the furloughed or unpaid workers during the government shutdown. One group, Hunger Free America, launched a hotline and website to help unpaid federal workers navigate the process to apply for benefits, locate food pantries, or find out how to volunteer while they are furloughed.

Food banks see impact of Trump's immigration policies

Trump’s new public charge rule says that applicants seeking to live in the U.S. from other countries or immigrants seeking to stay permanently should be denied if they will rely too heavily on government services, such as government housing, subsidized health care or food stamps, known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP.

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70 Mayors Tell Trump that Cutting Food Stamps will "Harm our Economy"

Mayors across the U.S. are warning the Trump administration that its plan to push more than 3 million people out of the federal food-stamp program will harm children, seniors and other vulnerable people, as well as damage local economies. 

As Shutdown Drags on, Federal Workers Flock to Food Pantries

Nearly 2,500 federal employees from different departments of the government have been lining up for food pantries across the U.S. Joel Berg touched lightly on the subject how Hunger Free America helps families with this type of assistance so they are provided with alternatives.

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Federal Shutdown has Nonprofits Opening Services

The partial federal government shutdown has been the longest in history and nonprofits around the country have answered in all different ways. One being Hunger Free America, who announced a new “Fed Food” toll-free 800 line and web portal to help anyone affected to locate free food and/or to volunteer their time to fight hunger.

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 Hunger Group Opens National “Fed Food” Hotline and Web Portal during Shutdown

With increasing numbers of employees of the federal government and federal contractors nationwide forced to seek charitable food after missing a paycheck, Hunger Free America, a national nonprofit group, announced a new “Fed Food” toll-free 800 line and web portal to help anyone affected to locate free food and/or to volunteer their time to fight hunger.

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National Efforts to Feed Federal Employees Includes Utah Community Services

Hunger Free America announced Monday that the organization has set up a toll-free telephone line and web portal to help anyone affected by the government shut down to find food.

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Hunger Free America opens “Fed Food” Hotline for Volunteers, Furloughed Workers

With increasing numbers of furloughed workers for the federal government and federal contractors nationwide forced to seek charitable food after missing a paycheck during the current government shutdown, Hunger Free America, a national nonprofit group, announced a new “Fed Food” toll-free hotline and web portal to help anyone affected to locate free food or to volunteer their time to fight hunger.

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DonateNYC Connects Restaurants, Grocery Stores with Community Organizations

amNY reports on NYC's newest efforts to reduce food waste, but as HFA CEO Joel Berg states, the program will have a bigger impact on the environment rather than slashing hunger. Berg told amNY: "The only way to seriously reduce hunger in New York City is to create jobs, increase wages, expand the availability of government safety programs (such as SNAP, WIC, school breakfasts, and summer meals, etc.) and reduce costs for housing, child care, transportation."

Food Insecurity Struggles felt by 1 in 8 New Yorkers, according to Hunger Free America

More than 1 million people in New York City can’t afford to eat three square meals a day, according to Hunger Free America’s new report, “The Uneaten Big Apple: Hunger’s High Cost in NYC.”

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Tackling the Hunger Crisis in the City

Hunger Free America CEO, Joel Berg, discusses the efforts to tackle the NYC hunger crisis with Errol Louis of Spectrum News NY1.

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Number of New Yorkers Unable to Afford Enough Food Decreases

The number of New York City residents unable to buy enough food has significantly decreased over the past six years, according to a new report from Hunger Free America. Joel Berg says changes in the economy and state law have contributed to this development.

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Fighting Food Insecurity in New York

According to Hunger Free America CEO Joel Berg, over a million New Yorkers don't always know where their next meal is coming from.  Berg says, "Hundreds of thousands of New York City children can't afford, through their families, the healthiest food."

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Food Pantries, Soup Kitchens Feel Overwhelmed By Demand

In New York City, one million people don’t have enough to eat. With thanksgiving around the corner many organization have been raising awareness for this issue.

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Report: Quarter of the Bronx Still Food Insecure

A new report by Hunger Free America shows more than a quarter of the Bronx’s population live in food insecure households. Joel Berg, the CEO of Hunger Free America, called on Bronxites to call up their Senators and Congress people and express support for increased funding to programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP.

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New federal report surprises: Philadelphia poverty down, income up

While poverty has decreased and median household income rose in Philadelphia it still remains one of the most poverty-stricken cities in the west.

Hunger Declines, but Some Fear Trump Proposals Could Reverse the Trend

Trump has helped reduce food insecurity numbers during his term due to a strong economy, but food insecurity numbers will increase if his proposal to cut food-stamps goes through.

Why is it OK there are so many hungry among us? Editorial

Hunger Free America released a report that found hunger in the city is actually on the rise, increasing 22 percent over the last six years.  That means one in five people here live in households that are "food insecure," meaning that can't always afford to buy food.  This is counter to trends in the rest of the country, which have seen decreases in hunger as the economy has improved and jobless rates have declined.

Report: Hunger in Philadelphia increases 22 percent

The number of people living in hunger in Philadelphia has increased by 22 percent according to a report being released Monday by Hunger Free America. This finding comes from a report that shows the latest example of how Philadelphia diverges from the national mainstream on issues of poverty.

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Double-digit Jump in Hunger for Philly, the Country's Poorest big City

Features Hunger Free America’s New Philadelphia hunger report that states between 2012 through 2017, food insecurity or the inability to always afford food increased by 22 percent.

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Report finds Hunger in America is Decreasing, but not in Philadelphia

HFA CEO, Joel Berg, discusses Hunger Free America’s new Philadelphia hunger report.